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Kathryn Musilek is a rare composer who also holds a Cinema degree. She has played piano for over 30 years (winning awards in her youth) and performed and recorded in rock bands for 20, but because she is a film scholar as well, she truly understands how music functions within a film. Her compositions explore layered and multi-textured melodies that commit to support and embrace the filmmaker's vision and the emotion of every moment for which she composes. Her scores often employ classical instrumentation, but just-as-often add experimental, electronic or rock elements, sometimes blending and sometimes contrasting these varied and disparate sounds. A common thread through her work regardless of the instruments and sounds employed is the use of robust melodies and protuberant rhythms to make clear statements about the emotions driving a scene. Kathryn has composed music for documentary, drama, suspense, horror and comedy, as well as both short films and feature-length. She loves them all. No matter the genre or length she works to understand exactly what the filmmaker seeks to communicate, and she creates music that serves this goal unrelentingly.

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