Nevāda Nevada (L-R): David Olson, Alicia Berbenick, Kathryn Musilek, Andrew Gerhan

Cover art painting by Emmy Mikelson and includes a photo by Andrew Gerhan.

Band photo by Kathryn Musilek, taken at Quetzalcoatl's Nest (Javier Senosiain) in Naucalpan, Mexico.

Seeking reviews, features and single premieres. 



"It sounds like a feeling." - Justin William Craig (Hedwig on Broadway) talking about Past Life

"It’s anthemic; a call to arms. I feel the spirit of Whitman in the band’s performance.” - Never Records Podcast talking about the single, "CHARGE"

""I'm not sure what I was expecting but it really hits hard! Right out the gate." - Dominic East, The War On Drugs

"Nevada Nevada’s sound is a swirl of Americana noir and artful indie rock, indulging in the menace and whimsy that coexist in both and getting a boost from the powerful personality of singer Kathryn Musilek." - Indy Week

" of Gotan Project and Beirut will be way into this. Surprising and unexpected." - Independent Clauses